Vision, Values & Beliefs

Values and beliefs strongly influence the decisions we make, our behaviours and procedures, as individuals, as a school and as a community. The core values, beliefs and practices outlined here underpin all we aim to achieve and do at Williamstown Primary School.

Values, beliefs and practices for all students, staff, parents and visitors

  • Everyone has a right to be treated with care and compassion, free from harassment and discrimination.
  • We aim to work co-operatively and to resolve conflict peacefully.
  • We respect the experience and knowledge of others, particularly those with special skills and expertise.
  • We respect others and their cultures, accept diversity and adopt behaviours that include others.
  • We acknowledge that difficulties and disappointments are a normal part of life and by managing these wisely we can build greater resilience and achieve better outcomes for all.
  • As members of the Williamstown PS community we agree that our interactions will be conducted in a friendly, open and good-humoured manner.
  • We acknowledge that Williamstown PS has played a significant role in our local community for many years and its traditions need to be respected.


Values, beliefs and practices for students

  • Students will be encouraged to achieve their personal best in all areas and respect the achievements of others.
  • Students need to develop understandings in a broad range of areas – physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, social and moral.
  • We encourage each student to acknowledge his/her unique qualities and to develop self-respect and dignity.
  • Each student is increasingly responsible for his/her own conduct and will be expected to develop appropriate social behaviours and a positive attitude to their learning.
  • Students differ in their readiness and ability to learn and will be taught at a level appropriate to their developmental needs and interests.
  • Each student will be given assistance to develop co-operative interpersonal skills and a sense of social responsibility.
  • All students have the right to a safe and friendly learning environment.
  • Students will be encouraged to reflect on their performance and behaviour, to recognise their strengths, and areas for improvement.

Values, beliefs and practices for staff

  • Staff have the right to a co-operative, consultative, supportive, positive, safe and good-humoured working environment.
  • Each staff member’s work will be acknowledged, respected and encouraged as we strongly believe that the quality of the work of our staff is crucial in developing the skills and attitudes of our students.
  • Staff will be expected to reflect on their performance and behaviour, to recognise their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Staff are expected to contribute to, develop and support the school’s vision, goals and practices to improve the outcomes for all students
  • We encourage and promote a positive work-life balance as we believe staff well-being and job satisfaction make a significant difference to the quality of teaching we provide.
  • Staff are expected to work co-operatively to develop and maintain a workplace that is secure, rewarding, meaningful and flexible.

Please click here for the full document outlining our Values, Beliefs, Teaching and Learning Practices.