Sports Houses & House Captains

Williamstown Primary School prides itself on developing strong and resilient individuals who can navigate the challenges of the world. In doing so, we promote the need for strong leadership skills. Through our House Sports Program, opportunities are provided for students who have displayed the ability to work within, and lead, a team.  We have four sports houses – Ferguson (green), Gem (red), Nelson (blue) and Reid (yellow), and within each house the members elect both male and female captains and deputy captains. These students will lead their teams through a range of competitive days where they are required to organise and motivate team members. Long standing traditions such as the House Swimming Sports and House Athletics Sports see students passionately represent and support their house and their peers.

2020 Captains

Nelson House (Blue)
Louis Cook (Captain)
Emma Albicocco (Captain)
Blake Radford (Deputy Captain)
Annabel Readsmith (Deputy Captain)

Ferguson House (Green)
Felix Neal (Captain)
Olivia Billington (Captain)
Hugh McMahon (Deputy Captain)

Georgina Barker (Deputy Captain)

Gem House (Red)
Finn Kane (Captain)
Ella Bishop (Captain)
Ryna Roper (Deputy Captain)
Alice Mercer (Deputy Captain)

Reid House (Yellow)
Ted Rippon (Captain)
Madison Fletcher (Captain)
Sebastian Dabner (Deputy Captain)
Grace Wright (Deputy Captain)