Play Pod

The Willy Play Pod is a shipping container which is filled with ‘spare parts’. It includes all sorts of factory off-cuts including wooden, plastic and materials (all quality controlled for safety purposes) with which children can let their imaginations run wild. The children build all manner of things, rocket ships stages, cars, beds, swings, slides; you name it they build it! This then leads to all sorts of imaginative games and role play.

The Play Pod is a wonderful complement to our Willy Kids program and the whole school philosophy about relationships, to one another, the environment and the curriculum. Our understanding of children learning through exploration needs to be lived in all aspects of school life, and the pod allows for the seamless flow of creative, innovate and friendly learning spaces from the classroom to the school yard. Current research and practice tells us that students learn best in an environment which is rich in opportunities for experiential learning and caters for consideration of developmental factors. To that end, our school has been working on practices which exploit those opportunities.

The Pod Squad
Students in our Year 3/4 cohort form the Pod Squad. This leadership group work on rotating shifts each lunchtime to manage and assist students playing with the Pod equipment. You’ll see them unlocking the Pod, helping reach for or carrying equipment, modelling safe and creative play, and supervising the pack-up process. The Pod Squad is yet another fabulous leadership opportunity for our Willy Kids.