Willy Kids Program

In 2018 our school staff reviewed our highly regarded and successful Willy Kids program. The result of this review has meant a few small but critical changes to the program’s emphasis in order for us to ensure we are enacting our school’s Vision and Purpose:
To provide all students with an education to succeed in a complex, changing world.
Students will develop to be responsible, happy, resilient and socially adept.
They will exhibit the qualities of successful learners who are confident and creative and who will become active and informed citizens.

Designed and initially implemented in 1994, the original Willy Kids program was a whole school social skills program implemented to support our students’ positive social behaviour. The four key areas of focus were: COURTESY, RESPECT, CO-OPERATION and RESPONSIBILITY. It became the cornerstone of all we do at Willy and as a school community we want to ensure that this intention continues to be relevant and authentic for every Willy Kid in 2019 and beyond. To this end, the content has been enhanced so that the program continues to emphasise the traits and qualities of ‘all-round, great kids. Additionally the program focuses on developing the assets, skills and capabilities identified as necessary for the overall well-being and success in learning and life of our Willy Kids.

The four pillars of the Willy Kids program are:

Aligning well with our whole school unit ‘Learning to Learn; Learning to Be’, the Willy Kids pillar or topic in Term Two is RESPECT. Students will explore the following key statements across each fortnight:

  • Willy Kids are Kind
  • Willy Kids are Grateful
  • Willy Kids are Sociable
  • Willy Kids are Considerate
  • Willy Kids Value the Rights of Others

The Willy Kids program will continue to underpin every decision we make at Williamstown Primary. A ‘Willy Kid’ is a proper noun, adjective and a verb, for it is what our students identify themselves as the moment they step through our gates. For every one of our students, past and present, this is a lifelong identification and we are proud to say, “Once a Willy Kid, always a Willy Kid!”

Willy Kid Pillars and Focus Topics

Term 1 – Learning Term 2 – Respect Term 3 – Responsibility Term 4 – Resilience
Focus 1 – Willy Kids are Ready to Learn
Focus 2 – Willy Kids Wonder
Focus 3 – Willy Kids are Problem Solvers
Focus 4 – Willy Kids have a Growth Mindset
Focus 5 – Willy Kids are Reflective Learners
Focus 6 – Willy Kids are Kind
Focus 7 – Willy Kids are Grateful
Focus 8 – Willy Kids are Sociable
Focus 9 – Willy Kids are Considerate
Focus 10 – Willy Kids Value the Rights of Others
Focus 11 – Willy Kids are Cooperative
Focus 12 – Willy Kids are Accountable
Focus 13 – Willy Kids are Principled
Focus 14 – Willy Kids are Leaders
Focus 15 – Willy Kids are Entrepreneurs
Focus 16 – Willy Kids Manage their Emotions
Focus 17 – Willy Kids are Brave
Focus 18 – Willy Kids are Bounce Back
Focus 19 – Willy Kids display Perseverance
Focus 20 – Willy Kids are Positive