Physical Education

In 2017 our specialist Physical Education program is taught by Patrick Gallivan.

Physical Education Curriculum

Below is an outline of the Physical Education curriculum for Term 2.


In Prep, students will be exploring techniques involved with throwing and catching. They will increase their understanding of why rules and procedures are important in games. They will develop these skills with a variety of balls and equipment and learn to apply these skills in a variety of game situations.

Year One

In Year One, students will be using the basic motor skills they have developed to participate in modified sport-specific games such as soccer and AFL. They will explore simple rule systems and the benefits and importance of playing as a team. They will continue to develop their fundamental motor skills and begin to apply these in game situations.

Year Two

In Year Two, students will be exploring techniques involved with bouncing a basketball and gymnastics. They will increase their knowledge of safe procedures with the use of space and equipment and will learn why these procedures are important. They will explore these concepts through involvement with spring and landing, rotation and acrobatics.

Year 3/4

In Year 3/4, students will be exploring techniques involved in a variety of athletic events. They will continue to develop their basic fundamental motor skills and apply these to a variety of events. They will learn to refine their performance and technique and will help others to evaluate their performance. They will also develop their precision and accuracy in an assortment of environments and situations.

Year 5/6

In Year 5/6, students will be undertaking a unit on fitness and athletics. They will learn about different fitness components and will participate in a range of athletic events. They will develop personal goals to improve individual and team performance. The Year 5/6’s will also use a variety of analysis techniques to refine their athletic performance and evaluate technique.