Parent Payments

Each year in October/November, the WPS School Council approves the parent payment arrangements for the following school year.

Below you will find the 2022 payment information for each year level, including communications such as curriculum supplies and voluntary contributions. Please click to access the relevant PDF document.

2022 Parent Payment – Prep/Foundation

2022 Parent Payment – Year One

2022 Parent Payment – Year Two

2022 Parent Payment – Year Three

2022 Parent Payment – Year Four

2022 Parent Payment – Year Five/Six

Parent Payments Policy (DET)

Further information about the Department of Education and Training’s Parent Payments Policy can be found here.

Parent Payment Contact Person

If you have a parent payment query or would like to discuss a financial help arrangement, please contact Cheryl Douglas (Business Manager) on 9397 1248 or email on

For further information about Financial Help for Families, please click here.