In 2017 our specialist Music program is taught by Faye Ferry.

Music Curriculum

Below is an outline of the Music curriculum for Term 2.


Students will continue to have experiences in listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments. The music elements of beat, dynamics and tempo will still feature in the program as well as an introduction to pitch and tone colour.

Years One and Two

Students will continue to expand their knowledge of musical symbols through listening, singing and playing instruments. The elements to be covered this term will be pitch (notes of the treble clef) and texture (thick and thin). In addition to this, students will consider music styles from different times and places, and for different purposes.

Year 3/4

Students will gain understanding of the role rhythm plays in creating different styles and feels in music. The elements to be covered will be pitch and tone colour. Students will develop their knowledge of the treble clef through playing instruments and composition.

Year 5/6

Working cooperatively in small groups, students will create, rehearse, perform and review their own rap and backing track using Garage Band. Through this unit of work, students will extend their understanding of beat, accents and metre. Students will also experience playing instruments to increase their knowledge of pitch, tone colour and melodic composition.