In 2017 our specialist Music program is taught by Faye Ferry.

Music Curriculum

Below is an outline of the Music curriculum for Term 1.


Through listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments, students will learn to keep a steady beat. They will also explore the elements of rhythm, dynamics and tempo. Students will learn the Kodaly syllables for the crotchet and quaver.

Years One and Two

In Music, students will be exploring the elements of duration, silence and pitch through listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments. By the end of the term, students will have improved their understanding of note names and values, as well as the notes on the treble staff.

Year 3/4

Students will read and compose straight and syncopated rhythms for percussion using their knowledge of note values and rests. Through listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments they will understand how the different use of musical elements creates different “feels” or styles. Some of the styles to be covered are: Funk, Calypso and Hoedown.

Year 5/6

Students will gain understanding and appreciation of each other’s interests in music. This will occur by providing students with the opportunity to share a favourite piece of music with their peers. This will also increase their knowledge of the musical elements of timbre, texture and structure. Through listening, composing and playing instruments, students will focus on features of African music such as ostinato, polyrhythms and improvisation and make links between these features and popular music.