Learning To Learn, Learning To Be

The school year commences with a whole-school unit of work “Learning to learn; Learning to be”. All year levels are involved in this unit which supports every child as they step-up and into their new year level. Our expectations for learning are high!

The unit sets the standard for our discipline based learning programs (English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, etc.) as new skills and understandings are taught about our expectations of the learning programs in each year level. We believe this ensures every student is well-prepared and supported for a successful academic year. There is an emphasis on learning assets and dispositions, as well as learning tools and strategies, including goal setting, growth mindset, feedback, failure and resilience, communication, independence and confidence, leadership, teamwork, industriousness, curiosity, optimism and problem solving.  

Additionally, the unit explores Personal and Social Learning. Teachers and students focus on building strong relationships and a dynamic community of learners as everyone settles into their new learning environment. An emphasis is placed on discovering the many ways individual learners learn, different ways of thinking and solving problems, agreements about working collaboratively and effective forms of communication. These learning skills fit well within our Willy Kids framework, promoting resilient and confident learners.