Junior School Council

At Williamstown Primary School we feel that the development of the whole child is essential to long-term social, emotional and academic success. Leadership is a skill that we not only hold dear to our values and beliefs, but also promote, nurture and develop. To develop these skills we must provide opportunity. At Williamstown Primary one of the many opportunities for leadership experience is through our Junior School Councillor Program.

2017 Representatives

Grade Prep
Prep A – Harley Glasson
Prep B – Holly Commons
Prep W – Leo Gray

Grade One
1C – Phoebe Black
1R – Finn Barnes
1S – Lex Dalton
1T – Ava O’Toole

Grade Two
2B – Thomas Miller
2C – Astrid Bishop
2D – Ruby Gilmour

Grade 3/4
3/4E – Gus Mee
3/4H – Amalie Fryar
3/4J – Heidi Fehring
3/4K – James Cribb
3/4S – Ava Stiles
3/4T – Amelia Smith

Grade 5/6
5/6D – Audrey Fullarton-Keller
5/6L – Bridgette Fechner
5/6M – Amelie Von Rechenberg
5/6P – Lachlan Till
5/6S – Alfie Flook
5/6W – Mabel Murphy