Visual Art

In 2017 our specialist Visual Art program is taught by Joanne Wilson.

Visual Art Curriculum

Below is an outline of the Visual Art curriculum for Term 1.


As they begin their artistic journey, the Preps will be introduced to the routines and expectations of the Art Room, ensuring everyone is safe, happy and creating. Through a range of learning experiences, the students will develop different skills as they create their artwork.

Year One

Ensuring Willy Kids are Arty Kids, students will revisit the routines of the Art Room to ensure everybody is safe, happy and learning. Through literature and investigating how artists incorporate different art elements into their work, students will produce their own art pieces.

Year Two

Students will revisit the expectations of the Art Room to ensure all students learn to be creative in a safe and happy learning environment. Students will be introduced to the work of various artists and further explore different art elements, producing a range of artworks.

Year 3/4

Thinking about the different ways they learn, the 3/4 students will revisit the protocols of the Art Room to ensure they contribute to a safe, happy and creative environment. Using their iPads, they will research the work different artists and use their visual diaries to plan and record ideas to help them become more ambitious when producing their works of art.

Year 5/6

Revisiting Art Room protocols, and being mindful of how they learn, the 5/6 students will create art in a safe and encouraging learning-environment. Using their iPads and visual diaries, they will research the work of different artists, planning and recording ideas to inspire the artwork they produce. Students will also explore how to create a digital portfolio of their work.