Visual Art

In 2017 our specialist Visual Art program is taught by Joanne Wilson.

Visual Art Curriculum

Below is an outline of the Visual Art curriculum for Term 3.


A picture paints a thousand words and this term, through stories about Katie, the Preps will be introduced to a range of artists and utilise different mediums and art techniques to tell their stories.

Year One

Exploring the role art plays in different celebrations, Year One students will be introduced to the work of Hokusai and incorporate a range of skills and mediums to create a variety of artworks.

Year Two

As ‘Young Entrepreneurs’, Year Two students will draw on the work of fashion designers, Viktor & Rolf, and explore different techniques and mediums, to create works of art.

Year 3/4

Through the eyes of local historians, Year 3/4 students will use a range of mediums and technique to create pieces of art with a ‘Willy feel’ for the Seaside Fair.

Year 5/6

Influenced by the work of Hokusai, Year 5/6 students will experiment with colour, texture and different techniques to explore the relationship Japan has with the sea.