Visual Art

In 2017 our specialist Visual Art program is taught by Joanne Wilson.

Visual Art Curriculum

Below is an outline of the Visual Art curriculum for Term 2.


Under the umbrella of Weather in My World, the Preps will incorporate science into their art. They will create ‘Weather’ inspired artwork, using a range of mediums. Introduced to the work of van Gogh, students will experiment with colour.

Year One

In keeping with the theme of Farm to City, students will create a variety of artworks using a range of mediums. Looking at the work of a range of artists, students will explore how to incorporate new techniques into their work.

Year Two

Matter will be the theme behind the Year Two’s artwork this term. They will investigate the work of different artists and experiment with colour and composition, using a variety of mediums to create their Science inspired works of art.

Year 3/4

Investigating the artwork produced by the First Australians, the 3/4 students will experiment with colour, shape, line and composition to create works of art to tell their stories. Students will continue to work on their digital portfolios to showcase their ideas and skills they draw upon when creating their art.

Year 5/6

Students will research ideas and experiment with materials and techniques to create art pieces that enable them to draw on the principles of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. As they go about this, students will continue to work on producing their digital portfolios to showcase their artworks.